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The Ride+Stride 2011

takes place on


10th September 2011


An Important Message from the CHCT Chairman

The September 11th 2010 Ride and Stride raised £26,169, with an additional £4,200 recoverable in Gift Aid.  The Trust and the churches chosen by the participants will receive half each.

This total was slightly lower than in 2009 and more worryingly, the lowest since 1998.  But many thanks to all who participated and particularly to CHCT Trustee Canon Chris Barber who raised £890, and the Revd John Graham (better known as Araucaria, compiler of Guardian crosswords), who raised the extraordinary sum of £1,542.

With the loss of the WREN grant, we are especially keen to increase our income from the day and want to make the 2011 Ride and Stride as successful as we possibly can.  We will be helped by the National Churches Trust who will be promoting the event nationally, but we need your help too! 

In just two hours, you could walk around ten churches and college chapels in Cambridge or cycle to the same number in the countryside.  And you know it does you good!

We need a new County Organiser and some new deanery organisers too.  The latter distribute the information around their area and answer any queries (or pass them on to the County Organiser), so are at their busiest in May and around the day of the Ride.  You don’t need to ride yourself, see the time you give as your contribution!

A new County Organiser will be the key to our success this year and could also contribute as a member of the Executive Committee, so if anyone wants to make this valuable contribution to the Trust (and so to the churches of Cambridgeshire), please contact the Chairman at 01353 645131.



According to the National Churches Trust’s new dedicated “Ride + Stride” website, the “Ride + Stride” has become one of the most successful and popular annual fundraising events that help restore and protect historic churches and chapels across the UK.

Last year from Northumberland to Cornwall more than 13,000 people cycled or walked around their local churches and nationally it raised over £1.5M, in Cambridgeshire we raised just over £28k.

By taking part you will help preserve both church buildings and the unique landscape that we all take for granted.  During the Ride + Stride you can explore the countryside or local towns and discover more about these extraordinary buildings. 

Churches are steeped in history and intrigue and for millennia have been centres of culture, arts, learning and so much more.

This year’s Ride + Stride takes place on Saturday 10th September 2011. To participate in this event please contact your Deanery Organiser listed on your right or if all else fails click here.  You can also download the necessary forms opposite

Then just make sure you ask your

friends and family to sponsor you!

Take part have some fun for this great cause!

The Cambridgeshire Ride + Stride is organised by the Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust to raise money to provide financial assistance to the over 370 parish churches and chapels of Cambridgeshire, when they undertake repair projects affecting the fabric, fixtures, furniture and ornaments of their historic churches and chapels. The event takes place across most of the country and has been an annual event in 1981.

A Fun (and healthy!) way to raise money

It happens on the second Saturday of September every year; people from across the county take part riding or walking between churches to raise money. They have a really memorable and enjoyable time visiting historic gems and being treated to biscuits and refreshments along the way.

What is in it for you?

By taking part in Ride + Stride you:

  • Have a perfect excuse to get out and about riding or walking between beautiful buildings, to enjoy yourself and to do some exploring!
  • Take part in a major charity initiative and become a key supporter of the Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust.
  • Meet other people

What’s in it for Churches and Chapels?

It doesn’t matter if you raise £2, £20, or £200.  Every penny raised means you will continue to fund the great work being carried out by the Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust and other county Churches Trusts across the country, saving and protecting our unique heritage.

‘In the old days the churches used to worry about saving us! Now we have to worry about saving them.’

Ian Hislop, Writer and Broadcaster

We urgently need your support

  • There are over 28,000 churches and chapels in England and of these over 370 in Cambridgeshire alone, well over 50% are listed buildings
  • Successful management of churches is hard to achieve and the needs are costly and complex
  • The burden of looking after England’s churches falls on parish communities of volunteers
  • By helping take part in Cambridgeshire Ride + Stride you can chose to help your favourite church as well as all the churches and chapels in Cambridgeshire.

The Ride + Stride welcomes both cyclists and walkers to be sponsored to take part.  The event is co-ordinated nationally from 10am until 6pm:

To Cambridgeshire's 370 plus churches and chapels, if you are unable to keep the church open all day, please leave the Signing-in forms in a prominent place for participants to sign. 

Any refreshments will be very welcome to thirsty participants! 

It is also the weekend of Heritage Open Days www.heritageopendays.org.uk when many historic buildings will be open to the public. 

To encourage people to ‘staff’ your church during the day, why not sponsor them for CHCT?  Or organise an event that celebrates the history of your church (guided tours?) or a parish activity such as clearing up the churchyard or a drop-in afternoon tea?

We are looking for a volunteer to take over the position of Ride Coordinator and would warmly welcome any offers of help. In the meantime if you have any questions please contact David

“It is a condition of entry that, save to the extent required by law, the trustees of the Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust accept no liability in respect of injury sustained by any participant in the Ride and Stride”.





Updated Ride 2011 Pdf's


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CHCT Ride Advice 2011
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Deanery Organisers for 2010:






Harold Hopkins

01223 872190


Revd Nick Moir

01223 303469

Fordham & Quy

David Mayer

01223 511585


Tim Stone

01223 836527







Julia Mitchell

01480 301252

St. Ives

Pat Spencer

01487 740642

St. Neots



01480 473465


Canon C. Barber

01353 612338


William Craven

01733 263461


Nick Cleaver

01223 232897


Peter Newman

01733 241815







Sponsored Ride & Stride Coordinator












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